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The EFLIGHT Mailing List


The EFLIGHT mailing list is an email-based discussion group devoted to electric powered model aircraft. A program, called the list server, keeps a list of all the email addresses subscribed to the list. When a member posts a message to the list, that message is broadcast to all members on the list via email.
The mailing list is provided as a free service.

Why You Should Join

Mailing lists can be a lot of fun and are available to people who may not have access to Internet newsgroups. They are also much easier to use, since all the communication takes place through regular email. If you join, you will have an opportunity to talk to people like you, who are avid fans of electric flight. You can ask questions, learn valuable tips, share information about a product, promote an event, or just chat!

How to Use the List Software

List administration functions are sent as commands to the list server via email. If you need help with the list commands, check out the quick reference guide for EFLIGHT .


Once you have subscribed to the list, you can choose one of two formats. The normal format is to receive each message as it is sent to the list. This is what most people will choose. However, if you have an account that cannot store a lot of messages without problems, you may want to switch to the digest version of the list. The digest is a composite message that is sent after a certain number of messages are received. The exact size of each digest will be changed as needs dictate. Note that whichever format you choose, you will receive the same content. With the digest format you just receive it in big chunks.
To subscribe to the list, send an email message to majordomo@ezonemag.com. The subject line of the message can be blank. In the body of the message type the words "subscribe eflight".
To subscribe to the digest version you would use "subscribe eflight-digest" in the body of the message.

Posting to the list

You must be a list or digest subscriber to post messages. To post a message to the list, send it to "eflight@ezonemag.com". If the list server sees your "from" address in its list of subscribers, it will broadcast your message to all the list members. We currently have over 900 members and we receive from 50 to 100 messages a day (December 1999).

Searching for Old Material from EFLIGHT

RCGroups archives all EFLIGHT discussions since 2003 in the EFLIGHT Mailing List forum. You can search this forum after registering with RCGroups by visiting this URL: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/search.php?forumid=160.

Before Posting for the First Time

Please take a moment to review the rules. It is also somewhat customary to spend some time reading messages before posting one of your own. This will prevent you from asking a question that is asked all the time, or bringing up a subject that will cause a heated debate.

If You Have Problems

Email the EFLIGHT monitor at monitor@ezonemag.com if you have any questions. The "monitor" is a rotating volunteer duty manned by experienced users who are ready to help you with your questions.

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