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Global Mad Max Review Global Mad Max Review
By Don Sims
The smart vendors listen to their customers and adapt their products based on customer feedback. Global Hobbies has done just that.... meet Global's latest evolution of the Crazy Max ... the Mad Max park flyer.

(Added: Apr 27, 2004, Hits: 21846, Comments: 7, Rating: n/a)
Speedwing 400 Speedwing 400
By Eric Anderson
If you are looking for a great-flying, medium size wing, the Speedwing 400 is perfect for you. The SpeedWing 400 is all EPP foam and is designed around the Speed 400 class motor. It can also accept all speed 400 size brushless motors.

(Added: Apr 26, 2004, Hits: 12415, Comments: 7, Rating: n/a)
RCX 2004 II: The Video Coverage RCX 2004 II: The Video Coverage
By Michael Heer
Video interviews and more from the RCX trade show 2004, courtesy of Michael Heer. Be sure to also see the "Snapshot of RCX" article here on E Zone!

(Added: Apr 25, 2004, Hits: 8984, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
RCX 2004 -- a Written and Photographic Snapshot of a Trade Show RCX 2004 -- a Written and Photographic Snapshot of a Trade Show
By Michael Heer
Michael Heer provides an entertaining 'quick view' of the RCX trade show....watch here on E Zone for "RCX II", containing numerous extensive video interviews and other videos of RCX to follow yet this weekend!

(Added: Apr 24, 2004, Hits: 8058, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
Mid-Winter Electrics 2004 Mid-Winter Electrics 2004
By Fred Bronk
Fred Bronk covers the West's largest electric flyin -- the Mid Winter Electrics! Includes ONE HUNDRED photos plus some fun night flying video!

(Added: Apr 23, 2004, Hits: 12990, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
Hobbico's Nexstar Ultimate Flight Training Machine Hobbico's Nexstar Ultimate Flight Training Machine
By Michael Heer
Michael Heer, a professional flight instructor, and 2 boy scouts explore this exciting new flight package in depth, including use of the included simulator, AFS flight correction system, and removable speed flaps and antispin tips.

(Added: Apr 19, 2004, Hits: 52372, Comments: 23, Rating: n/a)
Great Planes Headwind Great Planes Headwind
By Sam Schmidt
Sam Schmidt reviews the Great Planes scale model, Headwind B. This model sports a 45" span, requires a 280 motor, and real capabilities as a first trainer!

(Added: Apr 12, 2004, Hits: 26834, Comments: 22, Rating: 5.0)
Toledo 2004 Electric Coverage Toledo 2004 Electric Coverage
By AnnMarie Cross
AnnMarie Cross, with help from several other great folks, covers the electric and some glider items at Toledo. Be sure to see the glow/gas coverage also, on RCPower! 4/14/04: Editors note, minor updates made!

(Added: Apr 09, 2004, Hits: 27875, Comments: 7, Rating: n/a)
MAE's Nemesis 3D Review MAE's Nemesis 3D Review
By Nick King
Nick King reviews MAEs new sub-7-ounce 3D aerobat, the Nemesis. Constructed almost entirely of lightweight balsa, it is part of the newest generation of laser cut kits, building in a timespan similar to the traditional ARF. Nick tests multiple power plants for ideal information on powering and flying this great new aerobat!

(Added: Apr 08, 2004, Hits: 18623, Comments: 23, Rating: n/a)
Futaba's 7C Radio System Comparison and Review Futaba's 7C Radio System Comparison and Review
By AnnMarie Cross
Futaba adds a 'little brother' -- the 7C -- to follow its amazingly popular 9C. This article provides an overview of the new radio, compares the 7C to the 9C, to the 6XAS, and to JRs 6102 for a broad look at its competition, and provides 3 programming example videos.

(Added: Apr 07, 2004, Hits: 123990, Comments: 47, Rating: 5.0)
WRAM 2004 Electric Coverage WRAM 2004 Electric Coverage
By skranish
Steve Kranish provides a brief overview of the 2004 WRAM trade show, including photos of nearly every exhibitor's booth! Steve's coverage gives a very realistic feel of a hurried jaunt through a busy show in a single day. For in depth looks at some of the neat new products glimpsed here, be sure to see the 2004 Toledo show electric writeup coming soon here on E Zone and glow writeup coming soon on RC Power!

(Added: Apr 05, 2004, Hits: 12970, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)