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Flyinghobbies Jitterbug Review Flyinghobbies Jitterbug Review
By Martin Hunter
Throughout the past few years, parkflyer aircraft have been exploding in popularity due to advances in technology, both in the area of electronics and kit design. Despite these advancements, one niche has remained open – a full house aerobatic parkflyer biplane. In what started as an entrant into an RCGroups design contest, the Jitterbug has grown to fill this gap. Along with combining the grace and aerobatic prowess of the pre-war designs such as the Bucker Jungmann, the Jitterbug also incorporates rather simple construction and a forgiving nature.

(Added: Mar 30, 2004, Hits: 17001, Comments: 12, Rating: n/a)
Roy Walton's Eflight Designs Wyngz Review Roy Walton's Eflight Designs Wyngz Review
By Tres Wright
Roy Walton's Wyngz was one of 2 designs which won the RCGroups' members design contest and were sent off to manufacturers to be kitted. Tres Wright beta tests the pre-production model of this lightweight e-powered aerobat.

(Added: Mar 29, 2004, Hits: 7890, Comments: 4, Rating: n/a)
Aerolock's Miss June 3D Parkflyer Aerolock's Miss June 3D Parkflyer
By atlantaEflyers
Miss June is a 4 channel 3D plane with very light feel in the air, thanks to its very light wingloading (6.1oz/ s.f as tested). Dual servos in the wing allow for various mixing such as flaperon/spoileron. This plane with its sleek lines and huge control surfaces is a show stopper at any flying spot.

(Added: Mar 27, 2004, Hits: 8591, Comments: 1, Rating: n/a)
GWS E-Starter Trainer Review GWS E-Starter Trainer Review
By Don Sims
Don Sims and his 17-year-old daughter review this well-mannered electric aileron trainer. The E-Starter can even be set-up for 3- or 4-channel operation and has a steerable tailwheel in the 4-channel setup!

(Added: Mar 26, 2004, Hits: 53496, Comments: 32, Rating: n/a)
HeliHobby Super CNC CCPM Hummingbird Conversion HeliHobby Super CNC CCPM Hummingbird Conversion
By Steve McBride
Steve McBride converts the Century Hummingbird, using the HeliHobby.com's CNC-produced CCPM kit to make this great little micro helicopter collective pitch. Includes detailed instructions of how to make the modification on your own Hummingbird and more than 2 minutes of flight video!

(Added: Mar 25, 2004, Hits: 12600, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
E Zone Video Magazine March 2004 E Zone Video Magazine March 2004
By teamrcpilot
E Zone Video Magazine covers the Tri-County All Electric Fun Fly in New Waverly, Texas!

(Added: Mar 21, 2004, Hits: 10027, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
Tanic 3s3p 3300mah LiPoly Flight Pack Tanic 3s3p 3300mah LiPoly Flight Pack
By Eddie P
Ed Putnam provides a detailed review of the 2 features that make the Tanic packs newsworthy -- 10C discharge and Tanic Taps -- as well as extensive flight testing and ideas on converting your fleet to LiPoly.

(Added: Mar 17, 2004, Hits: 16436, Comments: 10, Rating: 5.0)
Inside Story -- March 2004 Inside Story -- March 2004
By Graham Stabler
This month's inside story covers a quick look at micro flight BEFORE lipoly, pager motors turned power plants, and then Bit CharG car motors/electronics into microflight (complete with plans!), some crazy new birds, and the E-Tec 90mah LiPoly cell.

(Added: Mar 16, 2004, Hits: 61617, Comments: 7, Rating: n/a)
General Western Meteor General Western Meteor
By Bill Bowne
Why the Meteor? I was paging through my collection of airplane 3-views from old magazines when I ran across the General Western Meteor. Hmmm, an open cockpit, radial-engined, parasol-winged monoplane...Cute! Add in a simple silver with black trim color scheme, and I was tempted. Then my wife and favorite flying buddy saw the drawing and I had all the encouragement I needed!

(Added: Mar 15, 2004, Hits: 15252, Comments: 20, Rating: n/a)
Bob Selman's MiniStik Bob Selman's MiniStik
By Allan Wright
Allan Wright, a Stik fan from his first plane, reviews Bob Selman's MINISTIK! This exciting micro/indoor ARF includes preinstalled actuators and motor and prop!

Be sure to see the companion review, also by Allan, for the Slow Stik.

(Added: Mar 12, 2004, Hits: 14799, Comments: 11, Rating: n/a)
GWS Slow Stick GWS Slow Stick
By Allan Wright
Allan Wright reviews this slow and stable predictable park flyer, including 4 video clips of its performance! Be sure to see the companion review, also, by Allan for the MiniStik.

(Added: Mar 12, 2004, Hits: 76197, Comments: 26, Rating: n/a)
IMS Trade Show 2004 IMS Trade Show 2004
By Fred Bronk
Fred Bronk covers the 2004 IMS show in California, with a focus on electrics and specifically helicopters, but coverage on all sorts of new goodies!

(Added: Mar 11, 2004, Hits: 11470, Comments: 10, Rating: n/a)
Speedtech's Skymate Pocket Wind/Thermometer Speedtech's Skymate Pocket Wind/Thermometer
By Fred Bronk
Fred Bronk reviews Speedtech's handy pocket temp/wind meter. This less-than-$100 investment is ideal for glider, slope, helicopter and 3D pilots alike!

(Added: Mar 11, 2004, Hits: 4209, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
GWMP E-Jet 400 GWMP E-Jet 400
By The Other Chris
Th e E-Jet 400 is an inexpensive simple to build sport electric ducted fan design available from Gary Wright Model Products. When combined with a 3S 2100 mah lithium polymer battery and Hacker B20-22L brushless motor 15 minute EDF flights are now possible.

(Added: Mar 09, 2004, Hits: 9843, Comments: 3, Rating: n/a)
MS Hornet II MS Hornet II
By Jon Walker
MS Composit has created a real winner with the new Hornet II! The machine is quite different from both its Hornet CP predecessor, and its stablemate, the newly updated Hornet CP-X. Structurally, the machine features a completely new main frame, canopy, conical drive gears, landing gear, tail boom and tail gearbox housing, new all-metal pre-assembled tail blade hub and shaft, a pair of boom braces, and new main rotors. The design style is more closely aligned with it's bigger IC powered cousins than microhelis have been in the past.

(Added: Mar 08, 2004, Hits: 19407, Comments: 2, Rating: n/a)
Profili Software V.2: The Revenge Profili Software V.2: The Revenge
By durone
The designer of Profili gives an indepth look at the creation, and capabilities, of the second generation -- "while version 1.x was a simple drafting tool to print airfoils on paper, the new 2.1 version is really something more complete..." assisting the modeler in selection of the proper airfoil set and printing of all the necessary structural items, etc.

(Added: Mar 06, 2004, Hits: 13822, Comments: 5, Rating: n/a)
Helipad - March 2004 Helipad - March 2004
By Fitz Walker
2003: A year in review. A look at the new technology, and some exciting projects, in 2003!

(Added: Mar 05, 2004, Hits: 6504, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
Aero-Phibian Aero-Phibian
By Michael Heer
"This plane handles well on land, sea and air!" Hobby People's Aero-Phibian is a great 40-sized model capable of land- and water- takeoffs and landings, with surprising speed and aerobatic capability.

(Added: Mar 04, 2004, Hits: 10801, Comments: 5, Rating: n/a)
Yellow BL Brushless Motor Review Yellow BL Brushless Motor Review
By BigBadWolf_TX
What we’ve all been waiting for… a lightweight, powerful, small brushless motor perfect for indoor RC!

(Added: Mar 03, 2004, Hits: 12241, Comments: 27, Rating: n/a)
Quick EP 10 Deluxe Quick EP 10 Deluxe
By Bjorn Kronquist
This helicopter may look small, but with everything from 120CCPM head setup to carbon fibre frames, it offers BIG chopper features and performance.

(Added: Mar 02, 2004, Hits: 11062, Comments: 4, Rating: n/a)
The Aerobird Challenger The Aerobird Challenger
By raythomas
HobbyZone's Aerobird offers experienced RC pilots -- whether HobbyZone trained or not -- the fun of a 3-channel, fly-anywhere, easy-to-transport electric model with power and control surfaces to outperform most RTFs -- including loops, stall turns and more!

(Added: Mar 01, 2004, Hits: 10650, Comments: 11, Rating: n/a)