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Delta Jet 400 Delta Jet 400
By Chris True
Chris True reviews the DeltaJet 400: a simple, laser-cut built-up EDF delta with a great price-tag, easy construction and easy-to-handle performance.

(Added: Feb 29, 2004, Hits: 8306, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
Jumping Jack Jumping Jack
By Jeff Carr
Jeff Carr reviews the aggressive but dimuitive Jumping Jack from Fliton USA, a 40" span aerobatic plane suitable for small fields.

(Added: Feb 22, 2004, Hits: 22040, Comments: 6, Rating: n/a)
Multiplex Micro-Jet RR Multiplex Micro-Jet RR
By Michael Heer
Who could resist trying the Radio Ready Micro-Jet? For just under $110.00 you get not only the plane, motor and propeller, you get the plane almost completely built with two good quality sub-micro servos installed and already linked to the elevons. You also get a speed controller wired to the motor and awaiting your choice of connector.

(Added: Feb 18, 2004, Hits: 60408, Comments: 44, Rating: 4.0)
The Flashback The Flashback
By Martin Hunter
We’ve all seen full scale airshow performers put on demonstrations of their planes’ abilities in large, graceful style. Large loops extending from one end of the runway to the other in conjunction with mile high hammerheads and continual slow rolls typify the kind of flying we modelers often try to emulate. Often we find this takes the right kind of airplane to do these sorts of precision pattern maneuvers. The Flashback is made for exactly that.

(Added: Feb 09, 2004, Hits: 12214, Comments: 10, Rating: n/a)