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SunBird Ornithopter SunBird Ornithopter
By Jerry Rose
I drove to Peaceful Valley on the last day of NEAT, 2003. As I entered the park, there were several tiny dots buzzing over the meadow - and among them, one lone bird. My eye stuck on that brave little bird flying out there among all those propellers. Of course, I knew that it wasn’t just any bird - it was the latest entry into the ornithopter market – the SunBird. And at that moment, I knew I had come to the right place.

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GWS 3-in-1 PHA-01 Dragonfly mixer seminar coverage GWS 3-in-1 PHA-01 Dragonfly mixer seminar coverage
By Michael Heer
Michael Heer provides video coverage of this important seminar for those GWS owners unable to attend....

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Tale of a Second Hand Waco Tale of a Second Hand Waco
By Michael Heer
With a previously owned plane what you see is what you hope you get. This is the story of a used plane: The Pica Waco, a Plane for all Reasons, and its visit to New Jerusalem Field.

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