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Hobby-Lobby Mini-Telemaster Hobby-Lobby Mini-Telemaster
By David Hogue
The Telemaster has been a part of Hobby Lobby's history ever since I can remember. In fact, I don't believe they have ever been without one in their catalog! Over the years there have been several versions and sizes, from the standard 70 inch wingspan and 96 inch senior, up to a 12 foot version, the low winged Funster, and now this 45 inch electric-specific model, designed by Tom Hunt.

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Inside Story - December 2003 Inside Story - December 2003
By Graham Stabler
We have a nice mix this month, firstly, Gordon Johnson presents his quick junior model. A three-channel sports model powered by a 6mm pager motor. All up weight 15g. Next, a real melting pot article by Peter Frostick. Peter is an excellent modeller of both free flight and RC models. Finally a nice little mini article from newcomer Robert Throssell. He shows how he got himself out of a sticky situation (prepare to sigh) by making some non-magnetic tweezers.

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Thunderpower 5s4p 7800mah & 8200mah Thunderpower 5s4p 7800mah & 8200mah
By Eddie P
I'll be up front with you about my experience with Advanced Energy's "Thunderpower" 5s4p battery pack. This pack has transformed my electric flying experience into one that I only thought might be possible ten years from now!

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Dusk stik Dusk stik
By Jeff Williams
In this review, I will be reviewing the Mountain Models DuskStik. However, I will be doing so with two main goals in mind. Firstly being, to determine what sort of flyer the Duskstik really is, and secondly whether or not it will prove to be a decent night flyer. I decided to do this since the popularity of night flying seems to be growing greatly; I thought this platform might prove to be great for relaxing night flying.

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Attitude Review Attitude Review
By Martin Hunter
"I want to fly 3D", you say. "I want to hover in my face, do blenders, high alpha knife edge, waterfalls, and any other variety of flying madness", you say. Well, all I have to say to you is this: You need to get a new Attitude!

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Monojet – Single Brushless Twinjet Monojet – Single Brushless Twinjet
By oded mazor
The Multiplex Twinjet is an excellent flyer in stock form, but with a simple modification it becomes a real performance plane.

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Flying Styro P-40 Warhawk Flying Styro P-40 Warhawk
By Martin Hunter
Diving through the clouds, you regain sight of your prey, the red balls on the wings glistening. A quick burst from your 6 .50 caliber machine guns send pieces flying from the Zero as he breaks away. Pulling up into a high-speed yoyo, you maintain perspective and a decided advantage over the hapless Zero. Falling back into the downline puts you in a perfect position for the kill. Picture yourself flying the P-40 Warhawk in the Pacific theater of WWII.

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Trick RC Zagi XT Trick RC Zagi XT
By Michael
The speed 400 flying wing market has been flooded for some time, but there aren’t many twin motor entries. Trick RC has created a very fast and fun to fly twin with typical Zagi toughness.

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Great Planes Wright Flyer ARF Review Great Planes Wright Flyer ARF Review
By Michael Heer
Just in time to celebrate 100 years of powered manned flight comes Great Planes version of a Wright Flyer.

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Plettenberg HP 220/25/A1 P6 SL Gear 5:1 F5F Motor Plettenberg HP 220/25/A1 P6 SL Gear 5:1 F5F Motor
By 96S14
Last year, I decided for myself that a hotliner needed to find a home in my fleet, so I bought a Gerasis Jerry and began to build it. Two weeks after starting the Jerry, a local club member informed me of a great deal on an Ariane V6 F5B airframe through ICARE-RC, and the addiction had begun.

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E Zone Video Magazine - DEAF2 Fly-in 2003 E Zone Video Magazine - DEAF2 Fly-in 2003
By teamrcpilot
E Zone Video Magazine visits the 2003 DEAF Fly-in in Dallas, Texas in this music video presentation.

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Scorpions Rising - A sort of a review. Scorpions Rising - A sort of a review.
By tim hooper
Geoff Northmore is one of our clubs senior members, as well as a life-long aeromodeller. As a self-proclaimed Luddite, Geoff has so far stolidly resisted the rise of the ARTF culture, preferring his personal ethic of small diesel engines, tissue & dope and a little known substance called 'balsa'.

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Walsall 2003 Report Walsall 2003 Report
By tim hooper
I'm becoming increasingly suspicious that someone in the Greenacres MAC has done some sort of deal with a Higher Authority. Once again the annual Electric Fun Fly at the old Aldridge airfield was blessed with sunny weather right up to the final prize-giving, when a gentle rain commenced and persuaded the last of the fliers to land and start packing up.

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BVR PRAT (Pylon Racing Advanced Trainer) BVR PRAT (Pylon Racing Advanced Trainer)
By tim hooper
An allergy can be a terrible thing. Many of us are plagued, to varying degrees, by the more common causes of allergic reaction (pollen, nuts, other peoples children etc.), but we learn to cope with the condition by avoiding situations that would bring us into contact with the root source of those irritating symptoms.

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