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Happy  Halloween Happy Halloween
By Michael Heer
Happy Halloween from RC Groups and the E Zone!

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Plantraco DSP4-SC Receiver with ESC Plantraco DSP4-SC Receiver with ESC
By Geoffrey Smith
The Plantraco DSP4-SC Micro Receiver with Electronic Speed Control grabbed my interest for that fact that I could get a receiver and electronic speed control as one unit for a very reasonable price. Traditionally, electronic speed controls and receivers for brushed motors are sold separately, and the Plantraco DSP4-SC promises to deliver as good, if not better than some of the less expensive separately sold electronic speed controls and receivers.

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HeliPad - October 2003 HeliPad - October 2003
By Fitz Walker
Fitz Walker takes us on another journey through the world of E-Helis. Seff Coverage, Battery technology, and the ProNet World Tour are featured in this edition.

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G-Nat Review G-Nat Review
By Martin Hunter
Sport flying - a style of flying that can be at the same time intense and relaxing. What makes for a good sport flyer? I like a combination of stability, predictability, and maneuverability. In my eyes, the G-Nat hits on all marks. Combining the grace of a flowing low wing design with proven aerodynamics, the G-Nat is one fun flyer!

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E Zone Video Magazine - SWAC Part II E Zone Video Magazine - SWAC Part II
By teamrcpilot
Part two of the SWAC coverage. Includes more flying, vendor interviews, and some of the crashes. Enjoy!

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Dynamic Review Dynamic Review
By Andrew Willetts
The Dynamic is postitioned by Hobby Lobby as a "Hotliner". Most of us think of a sailplane-like model, with a wing that is both fast and strong. The Dynamic, however, is more of a "Sports-Hotliner" - being a traditional, low-wing style, including landing gear, but having a beautiful, straight, double-tapered semi-symetrical wing that would not be out of place on any sailplane-style hotliner!

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Tracker II Computer Radio Tracker II Computer Radio
By Don Sims
If you fly electric planes, then more than likely you have some of the same radio problems that I have. One problem is too many planes for the memory slots in most computer radios. Another issue that you might have is not having frequencies to fly on at your local field or when you travel to Fly-Ins. Or perhaps you've purchased some bargain used receivers and they have different crystals or are on different shifts from your current radio.

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Scorpio Dornier 328 Scorpio Dornier 328
By Pat Mattes
The Dornier 328 from Scorpio is a stand-off scale model of a production airliner designed by Fairchild-Dornier of Germany. This 32-seat turboprop regional transport jet first carried passengers in 1993, and to date over 100 of the 328's have been produced.

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E Zone Video Magazine - October 2003 E Zone Video Magazine - October 2003
By teamrcpilot
Fitz Walker and Raymond Cervantes cover the Southwestern Aeromodeling Conference in Arlington Tx.

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