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Wattage Turbo Hawk Wattage Turbo Hawk
By Don Sims
Have you flown sports planes and are you in the market for an entry level electric ducted fan (EDF) jet plane? If so, the folks from Global Hobby Distributors have just the plane for you! It's called the Wattage Turbo Hawk and it is based on their successful Hawk powered glider. This plane is reasonably priced while at the same time has nice performance when built stock.

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Firebird Commander Combat Firebird Commander Combat
By Michael Heer
This is a combat review! It is not a review of the Firebird Commander and how to assemble it (although that will be briefly covered) or a detailed review of how it flies. It does not review how beginers can fly with it. It is a review of how it fights in the hands of expert pilots!

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Vermont Belle 1300 Vermont Belle 1300
By Editor
Northeast Sailplane's (NSP) Vermont Belle 1300 is a rarity among planes, in that form and function interweave so intricately and wonderfully that this plane flies every bit as nice as it looks, and looks every bit as nice as it flies. The curvy sibling of the straight-laced Accord 47, the Vermont Belle 1300 embodies everything it takes to make a truly superb-flying electric airplane: very low weight, considerable wing area, boat loads of power, and a great geometry that gives the Vermont Belle 1300 true go-where-you-point-it capability.

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A Controlling Interest - August 2003 A Controlling Interest - August 2003
By Bernard Cawley
Lithium batteries have unique charging needs, which I talked about in the last Recurring Charge (and will talk more about in the next Recurring Charge). They also have some different needs when it comes to speed controls specifically where they are used to power our radio systems from the ESC. Both the low voltage cutoff (LVC) function and the battery eliminator circuit (BEC) function are affected by the differences between nickel-based and lithium-based battery characteristics.

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