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TTE100 Computer Controlled Battery Charger TTE100 Computer Controlled Battery Charger
By Greg Covey
The TTE100 Computer Controlled Battery Charger is specifically designed for microflyers, parkflyers, and, for charging transmitter batteries. The charger offers many features found on high-end chargers for a fraction of the cost. By using your PC you can monitor, charge, graph, and track your batteries for much less than conventional chargers with similar capability.

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Spree Sports Spree Sports
By Pat Mattes
The Spree Sports from Kyosho delivers a great-looking, nicely constructed, well mannered airplane, all in a size perfect for keeping in your car for lunch time excursions at the nearest park, or lazy summer day flying at a nearby ball field. Its stable flight characteristics and low-speed handling are sure to provide you with an enjoyable session at the field.

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PJS 1000 External Rotor Motor Review PJS 1000 External Rotor Motor Review
By Pat Mattes
I stopped by the Hobby Lobby booth at the 2003 Toledo R/C Exposition in April, and one of my good buddies there slipped me something metal. With a big smile he said "If you like those Nippy's, you're gonna LOVE this!" I looked down and sure enough, it sure looked like a Nippy out-runner, with no other discernible difference at first glance than a different label. All it said was PJS 1000. And with another sly smile, he said "...and THAT will make your ThreeDee hover...!"

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Helipad - June 2003 Helipad - June 2003
By Fitz Walker
A few months ago, I came across Jermain January (catchy name, eh?) and his amazing little helicopter. Hollywood sounding name aside, he has an amazing scale Eco-8 which has evolved into something wonderful. Jermain took an Ikarus Jet ranger fuselage and added all kinds of scale detail to convert it into an OH-58 Kiowa reconnaissance helicopter.

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Strega P-51 Mini Reno Racer Review Strega P-51 Mini Reno Racer Review
By Greg Covey
The Strega P-51 is a mini-scale electric Reno Racer ARF that is designed for indoor and outdoor flying with aileron and elevator controls. Fly it as a sporty slowflyer or get together with some friends and stage your own "Mini Reno Race". The fuselage and wing are pre-painted, and the ailerons are pre-installed, making it quick to get into the air.

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Park Pal Peak Charger Review Park Pal Peak Charger Review
By Michael Heer
The Park Pal is a terrific little charger and what it is designed to do it does very well. However, it has some severe restrictions as to its limits. It is intended to charge small packs that are used with Park Fliers. It can do that and more but the bigger the pack the more time it requires. The company even has some accessories for the charger so that you can use AC or DC current for charging.

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Flying Styro Spitfire MK IXc Flying Styro Spitfire MK IXc
By Tom Hunt
How do I love thee, Spitfire? Let me count the ways! Those who know me know I have an obsession with Reginald Mitchell's legendary Spitfire. I have built this model in various scales no less than 6 times in my 30+ year modeling career. Though I am a bit biased towards the early Marks (I-V), when I was offered to review the new Flying Styro Supermarine Spitfire MK IXc, I just could not refuse.

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Kyosho FV-1000 Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) Review Kyosho FV-1000 Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) Review
By Chris True
Several years ago the Kyosho T-33 ARF hit the market and many many EDF newcomers cut their teeth on that kit. The T-33 was a fine flying airframe which really came alive with an upgraded power system. Alas the kit is no longer in production which has left a hole in the beginner EDF market. Along comes the new FV-1000 which promises better flight performance due to the freer breathing external pod mounted fan installation as well as sturdier more maintainable construction.

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St. Genevieve, MO Fly-In. St. Genevieve, MO Fly-In.
By Don Sims
On April 26, 2003 the club in St. Genevieve, MO hosted a small fly-in. Ron Vallejo (electricrcflyer) was the primary host from the club, Ron has hosted events several times in the past and the club facilities are nice. St. Genevieve is one of the oldest towns in the Unites States west of the Mississippi and the community has maintained the historic ambiance so there are plenty of things for the spouses to do while you are flying or visiting with fellow modelers.

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The Widget The Widget
By Jeff Meyers
When I arrived at our indoor flying arena the lobby was full of people checking out Mark Kummerow's new "Widgets". Mark brought the first dozen Widgets in about six different color schemes. It took me about 2 seconds to open my wallet and take a Widget off Mark's hands. I think it only took him about an hour to sell most he brought.

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Inside Story - June 2003 Inside Story - June 2003
By Graham Stabler
Hi micro fans. In this issue, we will have mixture of new technology and old technology with a modern twist. The feature article is by Gordon Johnson who you will all know has written several articles including last months feature on actuator torque. This month he describes his adventures with carbon fibre and shows how he makes carbon propellors using existing plastic propellers as a mold.

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RD-Jets El Bandito Review RD-Jets El Bandito Review
By Chris True
Many of you may have followed the development of the El Bandito by German modeler Ralf Dvorak on the E-zone discussion board. Ralf is an experienced modeler expert in construction using molded fiberglass techniques. The El Bandito is a sport EDF model in the style of the BVM Bandit but in a smaller size which is appropriate for an electric powered 90mm class fan. The fan used is the DS 51-3PH which is an impressive hand laid carbon molded fan of the highest performance.

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New E Zone Article: Sky Runner Conversion New E Zone Article: Sky Runner Conversion
By Greg Covey
In my search to find the perfect model for an entry level micro-flight enthusiast, the Sky Runner had many of the qualities that I was looking for: Safe pusher configuration with the prop in the rear, durable foam design with a shock absorbing rubber nose, inexpensive, proven electric free flight flyer with light wingloading.

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