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Funky Chicken Funky Chicken
By Michael Heer
When I saw a picture of the Funky Chicken, I wanted one. Upon opening the box I realized the challenge was going to be painting this bird. Even if you have never assembled a plane before, this is not a difficult kit to assemble. But it will look very unfinished if you don't paint it. Keeping it white will leave you and any spectators disappointed in the Funky Chicken's appearance.

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The Stealth Ready to Fly Airplane The Stealth Ready to Fly Airplane
By Jeff Meyers
Our club recently started organized indoor flying. The opportunity to do a review on this plane came about when I was working on assembling a fleet of indoor models. Since my workbench was already full of other projects that required quite a bit of time, adding another project was not an option. However, the Stealth is billed as a ready to fly right out of the box plane.

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Mid Winter Electric's '03 Mid Winter Electric's '03
By Fred Bronk
The Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego have a great fun fly each year called the Mid-Winter Electric's (MWE). It has been held since 1999 in San Diego, California, USA at their Mission Bay flying site right next to Sea World. It is held during the President's Day weekend in February, giving a nice 4-day event by throwing in Friday.

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Superstar EP Trainer Review Superstar EP Trainer Review
By Don Sims
This plane is billed as an "Almost Ready-To-Fly Electric R/C Trainer". After having spent several hundred dollars on other planes that were billed as trainers when I first got into the hobby, I was very suspicious of this claim. So I decided to have a total novice build the Superstar and another total novice to fly it.

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Las Cruces Electric Fly-In 2002 Las Cruces Electric Fly-In 2002
By Jim Walker
The second annual Las Cruces Electric Fly-In was held on Saturday December 7th 2002. The background to this event takes us back two years to a time when R/C electric planes were unheard of in Las Cruces. The local hobby shop owner, Albert Lane, was very friendly but skeptical about electrics because of what he had been told by some of the members of the local AMA club.

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Decathlon EP Decathlon EP
By Don Sims
I've been in the market for a high wing aerobatic speed 280 to 300 plane that I can throw in the back of the truck and fly at school hopefully in one of the soccer fields. I wanted an almost ready to fly plane that wouldn't take a lot of time to build and looked good in the air. The Wattage Decathlon fits those requirements quite nicely.

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Toledo 2003 Toledo 2003
By Editor
Once again I had the pleasure of spending two days in Toledo, Ohio during the first weekend of April covering the famous Weak Signals R/C Trade Show. I look forward to the Toledo show more than any other modeling event each year, and I'm never disappointed.

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Hobby Lobby MiniAC Motor Review Hobby Lobby MiniAC Motor Review
By Editor
Smaller in diameter than a 280 and only a little longer, this little motor really turns in the performance while keeping the current draw in Speed 400 territory. If you like Speed 400 airplanes, the MiniAC motors have a lot to offer: Use the same battery packs and keep the same current levels, but up your prop rpm a couple thousand and cut your weight at the same time!

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Great Planes RV-4 Great Planes RV-4
By Paul Willenborg
The full-size RV-4 is one of the most popular high performance homebuilt aircraft in history. It is an all-metal aircraft capable of very short takeoff and landing, high cruise speed, and excellent aerobatic performance. The Great Planes RV-4 is a very traditional built-up wood kit with some unusual innovations. It is described as a "semi-scale" model, but is generally quite accurate in outline.

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Hobbico FlyZone Skysailer Hobbico FlyZone Skysailer
By Editor
One of the most recent offerings in the FlyZone series is the Skysailer, an R/C version of a powered hang glider. This is certainly one of the easiest aircraft to prepare for flight that I've ever come across - I don't know how you could get any simpler. Even thinking it through and taking some photos, it probably took us all of 15 minutes to prepare for flight.

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Park Central - May 2003 Park Central - May 2003
By Pat Mattes
I have long waited for an excuse to plop down some money for the GWS ducted fan units, which I first saw at the 2002 Toledo R/C Exposition. Originally, I was skeptical these tiny little motors with tiny little fans would even create enough of a breeze to move the dust on my workbench!

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A Brief Review of R/C Country A Brief Review of R/C Country
By Michael Heer
For those into electric flying there are very few hobby stores as well equipped as R/C Country in Sacramento. The store has over 14,000 square feet of hobby space and a nice amount of that is dedicated to electric planes, motors, batteries and all the accessories that go with them.

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Watt-Age Mini-Max EP A speed 280 Foam Trainer Watt-Age Mini-Max EP A speed 280 Foam Trainer
By Stephen Smoots
While searching for an electric trainer, I saw a Watt-Age advertisement for the Mini-Max in Model Airplane News. It stated, "Once you've flown the Mini-Max, you'll never go back to the LiteStik." I decided to buy the Mini-Max because it was advertised to be sturdy and handle light winds with its "powerful" speed 280 motor.

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Dymond Modelsports/Multiplex Twin Jet Dymond Modelsports/Multiplex Twin Jet
By Mark Nankivil
I was lucky enough to buy one of the early production versions of the original Multiplex TwinJet and after flying it for nearly two years and 280+ flights, it succumbed to a speed controller losing it's "magic smoke". Trying to track down a replacement was an exercise in frustration until I came across a Dymond Modelsports ad in one of the model aviation magazines.

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Henry Mignet HM8 Henry Mignet HM8
By Rob Schaffer
Frenchman Henri Mignet was born in France in 1893 and he attempted to design an airplane that almost anyone could build and fly safely. After World War I, Mignet began to experiment with powered aircraft. His first designs barely flew, but in 1927 he built the HM8, his first design capable of sustained flight.

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