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Li'l Poke Li'l Poke
By Tom Blakeney
The Li'l Poke by Great Planes is a Speed 280 class parkflyer that was scaled down from the larger Great Planes glow powered Slow Poke designs. Styled with a fun retro vintage look and the low aspect ratio wing concept popularized by Andy Clancy and his classic Lazy Bee designs, the Li'l Poke gives a you a charismatic compact model with lots of wing area and exceptional maneuverability in slow flight.

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Klein Aviatik Mustang Klein Aviatik Mustang
By R/C Greaves
I had great fun assembling, flying and customizing this model over the past few weeks. Initial construction took roughly 10 hours. Modifications and repairs added another 5 hours. The profile fuselage lends itself to a custom pilot photo image and really cuts out extra airframe weight.

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Aspach 2002 Part 2 Aspach 2002 Part 2
By James Frolik
Electric ducted fans have really come a long, long way in the past few years. Most stout eflight modelers eventually get one, and as eflight continues to expand the EDF presence at flying fields becomes more assiduous.

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Nippy 400 and Nippy 280 Sensorless Brushless Motors Nippy 400 and Nippy 280 Sensorless Brushless Motors
By Pat Mattes
Brushless motors have really been hitting the RC scene in the past years, with more and more offerings in both the larger and smaller sizes becoming available for use. Brushless motor speed controllers have also changed radically in that same timeframe, with smarter logistics, greater efficiencies, and smaller, lighter packaging still capable of delivering the power required.

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WES-Technik Helistar LH35 Nano E-Helicopter WES-Technik Helistar LH35 Nano E-Helicopter
By Boyd
Micro helis have steadily grown in popularity in recent years. Technology developed for other markets like cell phones, pagers and lap top computers have been used by ingenious designers and innovators to advance micro, indoor, hovering, radio controlled flight. The growing popularity of the Ikarus Piccolo and Model Sports Hornet has led others to consider even smaller e-helicopter platforms than these 280-320 gram wonders.

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Aspach 2002 Part 1 Aspach 2002 Part 1
By James D Frolik
Since 1991 most eflight modelers in Germany and much of Europe have regarded Aspach as THE main event where precedence for innovation and leading edge exhibition has been well established. Its showcase format, where typically no more than one or two models are in the air at any given time, allows you to keep a specific eye on all the action.

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Combat Wings XE Combat Wings XE
By Jason Story
Everyone has to have a flying wing right? I mean they are indestructible, fun to fly, and basically are just great planes. The problem is there are so many to choose from now that it's hard to find out which is best.

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Flying Styro ME 109 Flying Styro ME 109
By Albert Wahrhaftig
Propeller powered planes reached the apex of their development during World War II. These warbirds reflect in their sleek designs the speed and efficiency that was obtained in the last years before the jet era. Approaching their sixties, they still have the capacity to thrill, which I imagine accounts for the steady output of warbird kits in all sizes and for all means of propulsion.

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The CSD Carbon Twister The CSD Carbon Twister
By Editor
If you had to describe the perfect airplane, what would terms would you use? Perhaps a plane that tracked perfectly, one that had reasonable internal room for a variety of power systems, yet with very clean aerodynamics. Maybe you would also want to be able to fly comfortably when slowed down, but have the ability to really crank up the speed when the throttle was advanced. Of course, many would also ask for great aerobatic capability. If these sound like the things you want in a plane, especially if you're into smaller planes, then it's doubtful you can do any better than the CSD Twister. Unless, of course, you went with the Carbon Composite version!

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Curtek Navigation Lighting System Curtek Navigation Lighting System
By Michael Heer
Matthew Currie is a young man who lives on Vancouver Island and he has developed a wonderful lighting system that utilizes a control module that merely plugs into a spare slot on your receiver and allows you to convert your daytime plane to one you can enjoyably and safely fly at night.

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An Ezoner Goes to the AMA Show in Pasadena An Ezoner Goes to the AMA Show in Pasadena
By Michael Heer
As I entered the AMA show in Pasadena I saw a huge banner with the words: "Hobby Lobby" on it. I headed over to see what the good guys from Tennessee had brought to the show.

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Lunch With Keith - April 2003 Lunch With Keith - April 2003
By Keith Shaw
This month: Keith's "Flashback Diet", parallel packs, The Bolshoi Bal'tisky Type B, and more.

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Inside Story - April 2003 Inside Story - April 2003
By Graham Stabler
Get the scoop on actuator torque, reshaping plastic propellers, hot wire cutting, and printing colored patterns directly on balsa. Graham Stabler covers all angles of the micro electric scene.

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Pitch Roll and Yaw - April 2003 Pitch Roll and Yaw - April 2003
By Steven Horney
This month's column will feature some more Flying Tips and more of the Workshop (building the Ron Daniel's Hawker Tempest), plus a few photos of some new motors being offered by Hobby Lobby International and a new plane from Garrison Aerodrome (yes, the long awaited twin-motored aileron version of the Push-E Cat!).

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Toytronix T-Hawk Toytronix T-Hawk
By Michael Heer
Dave Lilley asked me if I was interested in reviewing the T-Hawk and before I answered I went to Toytronix's website and reviewed what they had to say about it. I was struck by the repeated references to the plane as a powered glider.

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