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DARE C-119 Flying Boxcar DARE C-119 Flying Boxcar
By Jim Babcock
DARE Design and Engineering offers a unique Speed 400 twin that doesn't adhere to the "icon warbird" formula for sales. Their C-119 Flying Boxcar flies on the edge of the ordinary veteran aircraft formation. The "dollar nineteen" has seen varied and widespread use both in the U.S. and abroad, including roles as aerial fire fighters. I like S400 twins and things out of the ordinary, and Dare's balsa rendition seemed to fit both bills. <strong>Updated</strong>

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SIG 1909 Demoiselle SIG 1909 Demoiselle
By David Szuter
The design of the original Demoiselle, which was built in 1909, was motivated by the desire to produce a plane that could be made simply and cheaply. The SIG Demoiselle model isn’t quite as simple to build, since it has many small parts, but it’s inexpensive and rewarding. It’s also a very interesting and an extremely slow-flying machine, easily capable of flights indoors, and is to draw attention at the gym or field.

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Alfa P-47 Thunderbolt ARF Alfa P-47 Thunderbolt ARF
By dave_lilley
Foam planes have definitely been improving in quality and finish over the past few years, and the P-47 represents the latest and most advanced generation of this lineage. It is almost fully built, with the main wing attached and only a few items left to assemble, and has nice details that make it stand out, whether in "the hanger" or in flight.

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Chilli Aerobatic ARF Chilli Aerobatic ARF
By Lil'Monkey
The Chilli is a tiny friendly looking plane, and like its namesake, it packs a hot, spicy surprise.

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Toledo 2002 - R/C Trade Show Toledo 2002 - R/C Trade Show
By Steven Horney
Held in April of this year, the Weak Signals Toledo, Ohio R/C Trade Show was as magnificent as ever. Just as in the last few years, items oriented towards the electric flight market were evident everywhere.

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Scorpio Super Miss Scorpio Super Miss
By Steven Horney
This is well built, easily assembled, and reasonably priced airplane that should satisfy a pretty wide spectrum of flying moods. Open up the throttle, and she'll leap off the ground and turn in a great sport aerobatic performance, or back off the throttle, and the Super Miss will float around gently, catch thermals, and land with grace and ease.

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Voltair Cube Voltair Cube
By Pat Mattes
Once in a while, a product comes along that is just so different, you just have to sit back, scratch your head, and say, “how’d they do that?” The Voltair Cube is just one of those products, and I was eager to do the review when the chance came along.

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Pitch Roll and Yaw - January 2003 Pitch Roll and Yaw - January 2003
By Steven Horney
This month's “Pitch, Roll, and Yaw” includes plenty of photos and information about interesting aircraft, brushless motor and controller information, a mini event report, and more.

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Lunch with Keith - January 2003 Lunch with Keith - January 2003
By Keith Shaw
This month Keith talks about mimicking a realistic engine/prop sound, timing an AstroFlight 25G, the development of battery technology, and more.

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Control Tower - January 2003 Control Tower - January 2003
By dave_lilley
This month, I announce the launch on a new column, provide links to articles for November and December, showcase another "article from the archive", and include a preview video of the new Hobby Lobby P-47.

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Inside Story - January 2003 Inside Story - January 2003
By Graham Stabler
Graham Stabler opens his new column, which will cover one of the "smallest" segments of our hobby, indoor flyers. In this introductory issue is a detail discussion about magnetic actuators and a mini-article by Ralph Bradley about mounting components, such as lithium batteries, with magnets.

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