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A6M2 Japanese Zero Scale RC Model A6M2 Japanese Zero Scale RC Model
By jim best
If you have been wanting a fast flying scale war bird, the new A6M2 Zero is going to knock your socks off. It is fast, has a great climb rate, and is a quick building plane. This isnít another park flyer; itís a war bird with authority.

(Added: Dec 31, 2002, Hits: 14920, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
Messerschmitt Me262 Schwalbe (Swallow) Messerschmitt Me262 Schwalbe (Swallow)
By Jeremy Daly
The Me262 from S&B Models is a pre-shaped and sanded EPP, semi-scale model of the famous Messerschmitt Me262 Schwalbe (Swallow). With its easy construction, great performance, and excellent crash worthiness, this one a hot ticket f``or WWII plane buffs.

(Added: Dec 31, 2002, Hits: 11964, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
F-16 Fighting Falcon EDF F-16 Fighting Falcon EDF
By Steve McBride
What this model does best is simply look great in the air doing a fast split-S into a low fly-by, just a few inches off the ground. If you have some sport plane, aileron experience under your belt, this model may be the ticket if you are looking for an EDF for some small field air-to-air combat.

(Added: Dec 31, 2002, Hits: 45474, Comments: 1, Rating: n/a)
Hacker TL 96 STAR ARF Hacker TL 96 STAR ARF
By Chris Vanderbilt
This cute little model from Hacker Model Production is a scale model of an ultralight manufactured in the Czech Republic. Unlike many ARF models, the instruction manual covers all of the steps and is illustrated with a bucket load of pictures.

(Added: Dec 31, 2002, Hits: 13232, Comments: 2, Rating: n/a)
Ele-Bee EPP Combat Wing Ele-Bee EPP Combat Wing
By Paul Penney
The Ele-Bee wings incorporate simple design, nearly immortal durability, exceptional looks, and cheap operation using inexpensive readily available electronics. EPP wings of this nature are excellent candidates for beginner aerobatics, flight training, combat, catching thermals, and duration flying.

(Added: Dec 26, 2002, Hits: 19148, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
Great Planes ElectroStreak ARF Great Planes ElectroStreak ARF
By Steven Horney
Although the Great Planes ElectroStreak ARF is a new kid on the block, its heritage is the ElectroStreak kit, a plane that for years has shown many what electric power could do when mated to the right airframe.

(Added: Dec 26, 2002, Hits: 54317, Comments: 4, Rating: 5.0)
Graupner BO 209 Monsun ARF Graupner BO 209 Monsun ARF
By Michael Heer
The Graupner Monsun is an almost ready to fly kit that is a semi-scale low wing plane equipped with ailerons, rudder, and elevator that looks very sweet and promises to be a fun plane to fly.

(Added: Dec 26, 2002, Hits: 17605, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
Controlling Interest - December 2002 Controlling Interest - December 2002
By Bernard Cawley
This month, Bernard discusses wire lengths and ESCs, shows a new device called the Ultimate BEC, and provides information on several new sensorless controllers.

(Added: Dec 19, 2002, Hits: 13357, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
EAM DeHavilland DH-88 Comet ARF EAM DeHavilland DH-88 Comet ARF
By Slope Nut
I have to say that this airplane is top-notch quality in nearly every respect. It was designed exactly as I would have built it if I had done one from scratch myself. I was surprised at how well done and well thought out the kit actually is, including the quality of wood used and the finish of the covering as it is applied.

(Added: Dec 19, 2002, Hits: 15963, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
Flying Styro Vought TA-7C Corsair II ARF Flying Styro Vought TA-7C Corsair II ARF
By Kevin Petrilla
The Flying Styro A-7 makes for a great conversion to a radio controlled electric ducted fan aircraft, and the recommended Vasa 55 fan unit proved to be an ideal match in both size and potential for great performance.

(Added: Dec 19, 2002, Hits: 24145, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
Fan-Tastic F-86 Sabre Fan-Tastic F-86 Sabre
By Floyd Getz
When it became known that GWS would produce an inexpensive ducted fan unit, the EDF-50, it was only a matter of time before folks with imagination and know-how started designing and producing kits to utilize it. One of the first to do so was Texas-based Fan-Tastic Models with their F-86 Sabre.

(Added: Dec 01, 2002, Hits: 21965, Comments: 2, Rating: n/a)