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Electric Ducted Fans - November 2002 Electric Ducted Fans - November 2002
By Chris True
This month, Chris relates his experiences building, flying, crashing, and repairing the Fouga Magister kit by Christian Diffusion, a French jet manufacturer.

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Graupner Gee Bee Sportster Graupner Gee Bee Sportster
By Greg Covey
The Graupner Gee Bee is a very well designed, foam ARF scale model of the 1928 Gee Bee Sportster. It is a highly pre-fabricated, and as with all Graupner models, well documented and engineered for easy assembly in minimal time, and of course, for fun flying.

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Elegant Elegant
By Allan Wright
The Elegant 700 is very high quality and well-built glider kit that continues to impress me each time I fly it. It makes a good plane for those considering taking the next step up in performance from 2-meter class of sailplanes. (Click the picture to see this article on the LiftZone.)

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Flik Aerobatic ARF Flik Aerobatic ARF
By Don Sims
Have you ever just wanted a plane that you saw either online or in a catalog? To ensure my future happiness and sanity, I had to fly this plane! This is the first plane that has met my expectations of having a lot of fun without going brushless, and at the same time being a four channel acrobatic plane.

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LMH Corona LMH Corona
By Fitz Walker
While appearing to be limited by being fixed pitch, flying the Corona has proven to be loads of fun. Plastic blades that can fold in a crash, a spring steel main shaft, robust frame construction, and simple mechanics work to provide an ultra durable helicopter that is great for helicopter training and flies really well.

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Maximum Lift - November 2002 Maximum Lift - November 2002
By RicVaughn
This month, Ric discusses NATS, NEAC (National Electric Aircraft Council), competition flying, as well as revisiting landing practice. (Click the picture to see this article on the LiftZone.)

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Southeast Electric Flight Festival 2002 Southeast Electric Flight Festival 2002
By dave_lilley
The Southeast Electric Flight Festival (SEFF) had its inaugural fly-in earlier this year just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Despite a day or so of less than perfect weather, the fly-in went very well, and there was a very good turnout of modelers, sponsors, and spectators.

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A Tale of two racecourses: Chester and York Electric Fly-ins - Summer 2002 A Tale of two racecourses: Chester and York Electric Fly-ins - Summer 2002
By leccyflyer
The Chester All Electric Fly-in usually takes place at the end of June or beginning of July at the picturesque Roodee racecourse, right in the centre of this historic town, located in a bend in the River Dee. The theme of the day is low-key fun flying, though a number of competitions are run, including scale, sports-aerobatic, vintage, and the All-Up-Last-Down event.

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Ford Tri-Motor Semi Scale ARF Ford Tri-Motor Semi Scale ARF
By Don Sims
Kavan has done a great job with the quality of materials and ease of construction with this Tri-Motor. It is a fine looking plane, and it draws a crowd whenever flown around a group of people. It has to be flown a bit faster than some park flyers, but it looks great in the air. If you want a nice flying multi-engine plane that looks as if it came right out of yesteryear, the Tri-Motor may be the plane for you.

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House of Balsa FW-190 House of Balsa FW-190
By jim best
With one of the new electric power systems available today, the House of Balsa FW190 is a sweet flying airplane. HOB kits in general are straight forward to build, easy on the pocketbook, look great in the air, and are great flyers, and the HOB FW190 is no exception.

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Conversion of rubber powered model planes to electric R/C Conversion of rubber powered model planes to electric R/C
By Gary Gullikson
Gary Gullikson brings us an article that provides very nice details for the conversion of rubber powered model planes to electric R/C.

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Kelly Kelly
By Pat Mattes
It seems that beautiful sailplanes always fly better, and this review just confirms that statement. The Kelly is high quality through and through, goes together easily and quickly, and flies well both powered and gliding. Simply put, it is just one sharp little sailplane. (Click the link to see this review on the LiftZone.)

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Global Waco Global Waco
By Pat Mattes
The Waco is a bit heavy and a handful on the ground after conversion, but it is a very attractive plane, and the quality of the construction and finishing are very nice. It also includes a better than usual instruction manual, and is ridiculously easy to convert from glow to electric.

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SR Batteries Bantam and Bantam Biplane SR Batteries Bantam and Bantam Biplane
By Paul Bradley
In a nutshell, SR Batteries has hit another home run with the Bantam series. Each model is full of Larry's now familiar design innovations. They both fly great whether your setting is outdoors or indoor. The option of having one wing or two just makes it that much nicer. If having a limited space flyer that just "looks right", is easy to build, uses an inexpensive readily available power system, and happens to fly great appeals to you, then you should read this review.

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F.F.X. P-40 F.F.X. P-40
By David Hogue
Just as it was with the Seriously Fun Models, F.F.X. ME109, the P-40 is a relatively quick building, fairly accurate semi-scale, great flying plane. With its low cost and inexpensive gear, it would make an excellent Speed 400 club racer, especially when matched up against other F.F.X fighters.

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Holiday 280 Holiday 280
By James Frolik
This model is well worth the investment and loads of fun. It builds quickly, but the most important thing is that it is a very agile and nice flying sport plane.

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