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Grumbler Grumbler
By Jeff Meyers
The Grumbler kit is a truly an ARF. The kit comes complete with a hardware pack, high quality trim sheets, and decals. The quality of the materials and workmanship is top notch, and the kit includes a very decent set of English instructions that include numerous small diagrams. Furthermore, while the Grumbler is mildly aerobatic with the stock power system, its greatest strength is that it flies well and lands at a nice walking pace using the ailerons as flaperons.

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WattAge F-86 Sabre WattAge F-86 Sabre
By Jim Young
The Wattage F-86 Sabre EDF is sport-scale model of the Korean War era jet fighter. Constructed of foam and plastic, it offers a short build time and entry-level EDF experience. Anyone with low wing flight experience should have no problem flying the Sabre.

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Lunch with Keith - October 2002 Lunch with Keith - October 2002
By Keith Shaw
Keith is back with a super-sized serving of advice. This month, he talks about prop and EDF noise, power loading, servos for small retracts, and more.

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House of Balsa Acro Cub House of Balsa Acro Cub
By Shaun Cronin
House of Balsa has done an excellent job of improving upon a good thing. The semi-symmetrical airfoil and ailerons add a new dimension the Micro Cub's repertoire.

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Covering foam with Silkspan or fiberglass, and Minwax Polycrylic Covering foam with Silkspan or fiberglass, and Minwax Polycrylic
By Bob Kreutzer
If you are a foamie modeler or aspiring foamie modeler, this article provides good information on finishing foam airplanes with Silkspan or fiberglass, and Minwax Polycrylic.

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Park Central - October 2002 Park Central - October 2002
By Pat Mattes
This issue of Park Central showcases some nice old and new products, night flying with park flyers, another successful foam glider conversion, and details about a possible future project.

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Control Tower - October 2002 Control Tower - October 2002
By dave_lilley
This month, I have a new column announcement, news about a new contest, and a mini-review of the new Moby Dick giant (79.5” wing) “park flyer”.

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Recurring Charge - October 2002 Recurring Charge - October 2002
By Bernard Cawley
Battery chargers have come a long way in the past 20 years or so, and this column highlights those changes, as well as reviews a few of the current chargers on the market.

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JK Aerotech Big T JK Aerotech Big T
By Bernard Cawley
Due to its "bounceable" and generally forgiving nature, and its capability to be set up with three or four channels, the Big-T would make a fine primary trainer or a fun sport plane. Capable of 15-minute training flights with the proper configuration, it provides more than plenty of stick time for most students. Set up with a more powerful motor, it can also be a thrilling sporty platform.

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Park Hawk Park Hawk
By Jerry Rose
The bird is impressive, both as a complex piece of machinery and as a thing of beauty. It demonstrates a degree of "clockwork precision" that would make a Swiss watchmaker proud. Additionally, the flight of the Park Hawk is true to life, and looks like a predatory bird out on a hunting trip.

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Hacker Junior Hacker Junior
By Don Sims
The quality of the kit is excellent, and the directions are easy to understand and include plenty of photos. The builders at Hacker have given great attention to detail during the assembly of the plane. If you are looking for a true, almost ready to fly plane and only have a couple of evenings to build, take a look at the Hacker Bolkow Junior.

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Beaver Floats Beaver Floats
By Michael Heer
Full-scale de Havilland Beavers are often seen on floats, and they just seem to look at home on the water. Michael Heer, the author of the recent E-Zone review of the GWS Beaver, found out that the GWS Beaver is just at home on the water as the full-scale archetype.

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