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Sportwin Sportwin
By jim best
Mark Rittinger's Sportwin is as good as it gets. The airframe is very easy to build, uses very inexpensive components, and flies like a dream. If you haven't built one yet, check out this review and then go build your own!

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Walsall Electric Fun-Fly 2002 Walsall Electric Fun-Fly 2002
By tim hooper
The Greenacres MAC are lucky enough to have the use of a disused grass airfield in Aldridge, Staffordshire, and once a year they kindly suspend their club flying for a weekend to host the increasingly popular two-day electric flight meet. If you weren't lucky enough to make it, you can check out this report by Tim Hooper.

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Dymond Elexaco Dymond Elexaco
At first look, it may seem that the Elexaco ARF is just meant to be a thermal seeker, but it has many other great attributes. While the Elexaco is basically a high aspect ratio park flyer and a very stable flyer that has the ability to slow way down for confined areas, it can also speed up and penetrate winds. Additionally, the Elexaco has an aerobatic flight envelope. Among other maneuvers, it is capable of hammerheads and rudder rolls.

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Helipad - September 2002 Helipad - September 2002
By Fitz Walker
This month's Helipad is devoted to the rank beginner. It provides a general guideline for setting up a helicopter and not specific to any machine. It also attempts to provide a starting point for new helicopter modelers so that they can set up their machines so that they only need minor tuning.

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Lunch with Keith - September 2002 Lunch with Keith - September 2002
By Keith Shaw
Keith Shaw is again serving up sage advice and information on rudder finesse, AstroFlight motor timing, a "how to" on trimming a plane, and more!

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K&A Models Ki-46 K&A Models Ki-46
By Slope Nut
The Dinah has everything going for it. It is a unique subject, a warbird, a twin-engine plane, and it flies like a pussycat. Anyone who has flown an aileron plane can easily handle flying the Dinah. Add to all of this the ease of building, fantastic quality of the fuselage and ABS parts, you simply cannot go wrong buying a Dinah kit.

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Split 280 Split 280
The Split 280 is intended as a racer or combat plane, and really should be sold in pairs for double the fun! You really need to have more than one Split 280 to share with friends and indulge in some serious combat. The models are not extremely fast, but flown against each other, they would be a perfect match to compare pilot skill.

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WattAge P-51 Reno Racer WattAge P-51 Reno Racer
By Bryan Wickel
The P51 Reno Racer from Wattage offers quick assembly, good quality out of the box, a great manual, and good performance and looks. Although it is definitely not suitable as a novice trainer, this plane is very smooth and stable and would be a good pylon trainer.

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Control Tower - September 2002 Control Tower - September 2002
By dave_lilley
Check out all new articles coming up during the last week of September!

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X-Ray X-Ray
By George Voss
In a nutshell, this plane is well worth the money! It's not light enough to be considered an F5B model, but it sure is fun to take to the power field and show the locals that all electrics aren't slow.

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Control Tower - August 2002 Control Tower - August 2002
By dave_lilley
The August Control Tower is a "wrap up" of what was published in August, but it also contains several new announcements, as well as the usual article summary and "Article from the Archive".

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Chilliwack Spring Classic Electric Fly-In - 2002 Chilliwack Spring Classic Electric Fly-In - 2002
By Martin Hunter
As Martin Hunter shows us in this report, this year's Chilliwack Spring Classic Electric Fly-In was a quite nice event, and many fantastic planes were shown and flown by some of the top modelers in the hobby today.

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