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Crazy Max 3D Park Flyer Crazy Max 3D Park Flyer
By Greg Covey
The Crazy Max is an excellent flyer offers a gentle learning curve for beginners and full performance flying fun for any seasoned pilot. It is also a great value for the money, especially considering that it comes with a motor, gearbox, and prop.

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AXI 2820/10 Motor AXI 2820/10 Motor
By Steven Horney
With its capability to turn a large prop at reasonable amp draw without the need and complexity of a gearbox, the AXI line of motors have been making huge buzz in the RC market.

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Electric Ducted Fans - June 2002 Electric Ducted Fans - June 2002
By Chris True
Chris is back with updates and information on his Project X, El Bandito, and a very sharp looking Mirage 2000 that was converted from a glow fan kit.

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Control Tower - June 2002 Control Tower - June 2002
By dave_lilley
For June, there is an Electric Jet Design Contest announcement, a new article from the archives, a preview of Paul Bradley’s article about his Cutie’s floats, a membership milestone, and a highlight of the June articles.

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Great Planes Ryan STA EP Great Planes Ryan STA EP
By Slope Nut
Great Planes did their homework and made a solid effort to design a great flying and well designed electric semi-scale airplane kit. While this is no ARF, the Ryan STA EP builds quickly and logically into a very nice plane.

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MWE 2002 Event Report MWE 2002 Event Report
By Fred Bronk
Fred Bronk checks in with a report from the field at this year’s MWE, and shows why it is one of the number one electric events in the US, despite a little rain.

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Maximum Lift - June 2002 Maximum Lift - June 2002
By RicVaughn
This month, Ric gives us some advice on topics ranging from flying tips to storage options for our flight gear. Also included in this issue is a submission from Daniel Mc Crae on how to convert a Koleos HLG for discus launching.

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MWE 2002 Helicopter Event Report MWE 2002 Helicopter Event Report
By Fitz Walker
Just like last year, the MWE was a great event that was well worth the trip. While this report is biased towards the helicopters, no matter what your interest is, it was fully represented at the event and a good time was had by all. (Full MWE report coming soon.)

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Playboy Old Timer Playboy Old Timer
By Rob Schaffer
Overall, the Playboy from Tritex is a fun, stable flyer that anyone can enjoy. With the ease of assembly, two-piece wing for easy transport, and the predictable flight characteristics, the Playboy has lived up to its reputation as being one of the finest old-timer designs.

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GWS Tiger Moth GWS Tiger Moth
By Floyd Getz
If you have been living in a cave and haven't heard about the widely popular Tiger Moth (or even if you have heard), read this review to find out what makes it so much fun!

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Robbe Fieseler FI 156 Robbe Fieseler FI 156
By Jeremy Fursman
Looking to try an electric scale model? Robbe has really done a great job of providing the modeler with a very high quality plane that has good hardware, good looks, and good flying qualities.

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Southeast Electric Flight Festival 2002 Southeast Electric Flight Festival 2002
By Jeff Meyers
One of the newest electric flying events in the US, the Southeast Electric Flight Festival, is coming up fast. Come out and join us at SEFF on June 21-23, 2002.

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Vertical Take Off/Landing (VTOL) Electric Ducted Fan Scale Model Vertical Take Off/Landing (VTOL) Electric Ducted Fan Scale Model
By Doc Watson
You may have seen the discussions in the forums about this project. Now read the first article in series of three about Dr. Andrew H. Watson's (aka Doc Watson) X35-B!

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Park Central - May 2002 Park Central - May 2002
By Pat Mattes
In the second issue of Park Central, along with his reports and various projects like a Lanier U-2 glider conversion, Pat discusses the hot topic of frequency control for parkflyers.

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