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Controlling Interest - April 2002 Controlling Interest - April 2002
By Bernard Cawley
In this installment, Bernard reviews the Updated Jeti JES 40-3P sensorless brushless controller and the MGM ComPro Top Motor Management 35 extra ESC for brushed motors.

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Converting Qualcomm cell phone batteries and charger for micro-RC use Converting Qualcomm cell phone batteries and charger for micro-RC use
By Allan Wright
Would you like a cheap source of lithium batteries and a charger too for your indoor flyer? If you do not mind doing a little bit of work, an inexpensive source is readily available.

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2002 Academy of Model Aeronautics International Model Show 2002 Academy of Model Aeronautics International Model Show
By Fred Bronk
Have you ever been to a big RC show? Join Fred as he gives us a tour of this year's 2002 Academy of Model Aeronautics International Model Show.

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Hornet Electric Helicopter Hornet Electric Helicopter
By Pat Mattes
Get the inside scoop on one of the most popular micro-electric helicopters.

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MEC's Gearbox with Jeti Phasor 45/3 and 3000 NiMH Solderless Battery Packs MEC's Gearbox with Jeti Phasor 45/3 and 3000 NiMH Solderless Battery Packs
By Steven Horney
Have you been looking for the perfect gearbox for your Jeti or Mega 45? Look no further than the MEC Superbox.

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Great Planes CAP 231 EX Great Planes CAP 231 EX
The CAP 231 EX is one of the most popular aerobatic flyers, and it has been faithfully reproduced in this very nice looking and solid aerobatic park flying model.

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Photo Gallery - April 2002 Photo Gallery - April 2002
By dave_lilley
Check out the fine selection of E-Zoners’ models in E-Zone’s final Gallery column.

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Control Tower - April 2002 Control Tower - April 2002
By dave_lilley
This issue contains another new column announcement, another "article from the archive", a list of upcoming articles, an introduction to the some new E-Zone features and RC Groups, and as always some miscellaneous ramblings.

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Eric HLG Eric HLG
By Rob Schaffer
With a generous amount of wing and very light flying weight, the Eric is a very capable and fun hand-launched glider.

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Zoot Scoot Zoot Scoot
By Dave Szuter
The Zoot Scoot is a beautifully designed park/slow flying and very nice flying plane that would make any scratch builder proud. Included in the Zoot Scoot article is a full set of plans, templates, building instructions, materials list, and design documents from the designer.

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Park Central - April 2002 Park Central - April 2002
By Pat Mattes
Pat Mattes opens his new column with a discussion about one of the fastest growing segments of our hobby, the Park Flyer. Also covered is a look at an alternative motor and power application for park flyers, as well as a glimpse at a few of Pat's current park flying aircraft.

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Mini Laser 3D Mini Laser 3D
By Jim Babcock
If you have ever wanted a balsa 3D flyer, but also wanted to a plane that could be flown at the local park or school yard, then the mini Laser may be the plane for you. With the precision fit of excellent cut balsa parts, the result is a quick building and beautiful final product, that flies very nicely too.

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WattAge Sky Wizard WattAge Sky Wizard
By quietfly
For new flyers, one of the most popular groups of planes is the ready RTF, or "Ready to Fly" planes, and the Sky Wizard is exactly that. It is a complete kit, and includes the transmitter, a battery, a charger, and the pre-built plane. With only a few components to assemble, and a battery to charge, the Sky Wizard is one of the easiest ways to get flying fast.

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TurnKey RC P-40 TurnKey RC P-40
By Fitz Walker
Fitz takes a brief departure from "helis", and gives a review of a very fine semi-scale kit from TurnKey RC, a 1/14 scale P-40B "Tomahawk", which was design specifically for electric Speed 400 power, and based on Gus Morfis plans.

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