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Aventura II
By Shaun Cronin
The Aventura II is an excellent, well constructed, and durable seaplane that flies with the characteristics of a rudder elevator trainer. With its quick build and easy flying characteristics, this plane is a "must see" for anyone who has ever thought about giving a seaplane a try.

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Python 130% Python 130%
By tim hooper
What happens when you take a popular and well-designed plane, let's say Mark Rittenger's Python for example, and then sized it up about 30 percent? You get this beautiful plane! Check out the article for all the juicy details.

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Control Tower - March 2002 Control Tower - March 2002
By dave_lilley
This month's very late Control Tower is a look back as much as it is a look forward, in more ways than one. This issue contains another new column announcement, "article from the archive", a note from the boss, a list of articles that are coming here at the end of this month, an request for another column writer, and finally some miscellaneous ramblings. Oh yea, Happy Anniversary E-Zone!

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Pitch, Roll, and Yaw - March 2002 Pitch, Roll, and Yaw - March 2002
By Steven Horney
In the debut of Steve’s new sport flying column, he covers a variety of aircraft, along with some technical data, building hints, and new product coverage. In addition, starting this month is a build-along project of Ron Daniels' Hawker Tempest Mk II kit.

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ProJeti ProJeti
By Greg Covey
The ProJeti is a lively flying wing that has dart-like speed, yet gentle low speed characteristics. With its low flying weight, sophisticated aerodynamics, and a highly efficient design, the ProJeti has a wide range of performance that is sure to thrill.

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House of Balsa Micro Cub House of Balsa Micro Cub
By Shaun Cronin
The House of Balsa Micro Cub is a well-designed, sturdy, and easy building model that flies as nice as it looks. With a light wing loading and the Astro 010 motor, it can ROG, fly relatively fast, perform loops and “touch and goes”, or slow down nicely for low and slow figure eights.

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Photo Gallery - February 2002 Photo Gallery - February 2002
By Jim Bourke
Do you want to see pictures of your airplanes in this space? Email them to gallery@ezonemag.com! Be sure to provide some kind of information about your airplane, including basics such as wing area, weight, and power system.

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Aspach 2001 - Part 2 Aspach 2001 - Part 2
By James Frolik
James Frolik continues his coverage of Aspach with more information, pictures, and videos of some of the beautiful ducted fan models at the event.

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