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Electric Ducted Fans - February 2002 Electric Ducted Fans - February 2002
By Chris True
Chris True is back with an article about a new series of inexpensive motors that are suitable for use in EDF.

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Dymond Super Turbo Charger Dymond Super Turbo Charger
By dave_lilley
The new Dymond Super Charger lives up to its name, with features and capabilities that set a new standard for affordable chargers.

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Mega Manta Mega Manta
By Jeff Meyers
Interested in a flying wing but want something a little different? Now you can get one Mega Size!

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Firebird II Firebird II
By Steve H.
The ready to fly Firebird 2 is the follow up plane to the popular beginners' plane, the Firebird, and like its older sibling, it handles this task well.

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Control Tower - February 2002 Control Tower - February 2002
By dave_lilley
This month's Control Tower introduces another new column that will soon be making its debut on the E-Zone, the "Pitch, Roll, and Yaw" sport column by Steve Horney. Also included is a list of upcoming reviews and articles, and the featured "article from the archives."

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ElectroStreak kit ElectroStreak kit
By Steve Blake
Even though the ElectroStreak kit has been discontinued, it is still finding new electric modelers. In this article, Steve Blake gives us his view on venerable ElectroStreak, including his opinion of it with the provide Goldfire 550 motor, and a new Jeti 15/4 brushless motor.

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Firecat Firecat
By Kevin Petrilla
Every once in a while, a plane comes along that just looks right for its intended purpose. The Firecat doesn’t disappoint, and is an attention grabber of both flyers and spectators alike.

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Northwest Model Exposition - 2002 Northwest Model Exposition - 2002
By Tim OMahony
February 2-3, 2002 saw the return of the Northwest Model Exposition to the Western Washington Fairgrounds in Puyallup, Washington.

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Helipad - February 2002 Helipad - February 2002
By Fitz Walker
This time around, Fitz gives us very detailed information on how to setup a micro helicopter, specifically the popular Hornet.

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Photo Gallery - January 2002 Photo Gallery - January 2002
By Jim Bourke
Do you want to see pictures of your airplanes in this space? Email them to gallery@ezonemag.com! Be sure to provide some kind of information about your airplane, including basics such as wing area, weight, and power system.

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Sky Beetle Sky Beetle
By Pat Mattes
A smooth and predictable flyer, with its elegantly basic approach, the Sky Beetle is very reminiscent of the designs of yesteryear. With a stringer-and-fabric look to it, it looks like some of the planes produced in backyard barns, before the benefits of fiberglass and aluminum.

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