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Aspach 2001 - Part 1 Aspach 2001 - Part 1
By James Frolik
As always, James Frolik gives us a very good and in-depth look into one of the biggest events in electric RC flight. Additionally, for the first time, this year we have online videos of some of the wonderful planes at Aspach.

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Vixen Vixen
By pylonbuster
This racer was designed for the person who wants to bring home the trophies. It also makes an excellent sport flyer and can be set up for more relaxed flying if you wish.

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Speedy Speedy
By Steve H.
This little plane is not quite a pylon plane, nor a sailplane, yet it flies relatively fast and can thermal, which makes it a very fun plane for people who want a little of both worlds.

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Foamie Forum Contest Winners Foamie Forum Contest Winners
By dave_lilley
The Foamie Forum contest has come to a close, and the winners have been announced. Check out the top three winners, as selected by you, the members of E-Zone.

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Potensky PAF Flying Wing and Hitec Laser 4 Radio Potensky PAF Flying Wing and Hitec Laser 4 Radio
By Floyd Getz
The PAF is a light, tough, and surprisingly aerobatic flying-wing that requires zero building, since it comes already very well put together. Also include in this article is a mini-review of the new Hitec Laser 4 Radio, which makes a perfect companion to the PAF.

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Photo Gallery - December 2001 Photo Gallery - December 2001
By Jim Bourke
Do you want to see pictures of your airplanes in this space? Email them to gallery@ezonemag.com! Be sure to provide some kind of information about your airplane, including basics such as wing area, weight, and power system.

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Electrajet Electrajet
By Pat Mattes
This easy building plane not only performs well in its intended mission as a park flyer, but steps on into the sport-plane class and flies well there too.

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Hacker Sky Arrow Hacker Sky Arrow
By Chuck Emerson-Henry
Charles Emerson-Henry gives us his assessment of Hacker's semi-scale model of the Italian Sky Arrow 650 ultralight plane.

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Ultra-Lite Stik Ultra-Lite Stik
By Greg Covey
What happens when a Lite Stik sheds around 25% of its stock weight, and among other things, the wingspan is cut down to about two-thirds of its original span? You get the Ultra-Lite Stik!

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Control Tower - January 2002 Control Tower - January 2002
By dave_lilley
This month's Control Tower introduces a new column that is making its debut on the E-Zone, the Light Stuff column by Todd Long. Also included is a list of upcoming reviews and articles, a Foamie Forum Contest update, and an MWE announcement.

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Electric Jet Design Contest - 2002 Electric Jet Design Contest - 2002
By Andrew Willetts
The Jets Forum (formally known as EDF) is holding a model design contest.

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The Light Stuff - January 2002 The Light Stuff - January 2002
By Todd Long
Todd Long brings us the newest E-Zone column, "The Light Stuff", which as its name states, is about all things small and light in electric RC flight.

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Foamie Tech - January 2002 Foamie Tech - January 2002
By Darwin A. Garrison
Darwin Garrison is back with another issue of his Foamie Tech column.

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WattAge Lightning WattAge Lightning
By dave_lilley
This little plane gets high marks for simplicity in design, for the completeness of the kit, and for the ease of building and flying.

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