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Ryan Aircraft Corsair Ryan Aircraft Corsair
By Shaun Cronin
Shaun Cronin reviews another one of the fantastic Ryan Aircraft Speed 400 warbirds, the F4U Corsair, which he also gives a power boost, using a Velkom 2020/27.

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Controlling Interest - December 2001 Controlling Interest - December 2001
By Bernard Cawley
In this issue of the Controlling Interest, Bernard covers the ESC "brake" and several ways that different manufacturers have implemented that function. Bernard also gives us a detailed look at a schulze future-45Ko brushless controller.

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Convair 580 Convair 580
By Eddie P
This scratch built plane by Ed Putnam, has to be one of the best designed, finest looking, and most detailed foam planes ever to grace the "pages" of E-Zone.

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Foamie Forum Contest - December 2001 Foamie Forum Contest - December 2001
By dave_lilley
Check out all the entries for the Foamie Forum contest of December 2001.

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Final Approach - December 2001 Final Approach - December 2001
By Andrew Willetts
In this edition of Final Approach, Andy wraps up the happenings in the forums for November. He also shows us a few more pictures of his Kyosho Sukhoi ARF. Is that Andy sitting in the pilotís seat?

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Scorpio Spitfire Scorpio Spitfire
By dave_lilley
This Spitfire is more than a pretty face. The Scorpio Spitfire is a very nice flying plane that looks and sounds very scale.

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Nieuport 28 Slowflyer Nieuport 28 Slowflyer
By Kevin Petrilla
Step back to 1917 and WWI with this beautiful slow flying ARF.

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Electric Ducted Fans - December 2001 Electric Ducted Fans - December 2001
By Chris True
Look in on Chris' "Project X" and see what some of your fellow EDF flyers have been up to recently.

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Photo Gallery - November 2001 Photo Gallery - November 2001
By Jim Bourke
Do you want to see pictures of your airplanes in this space? Email them to gallery@ezonemag.com! Be sure to provide some kind of information about your airplane, including basics such as wing area, weight, and power system.

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Control Tower - December 2001 Control Tower - December 2001
By dave_lilley
This month's Control Tower introduces a column that is making a return to E-Zone, the Foamie Tech column by Darwin Garrison. Also included is a list of upcoming reviews and articles, another Foamie Forum Contest update, and a little more information on the Scorpio Spitfire that is currently under review.

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Graupner Tipsy Graupner Tipsy
By Greg Covey
The new Graupner Tipsy is a lightweight e-powered parkflyer that will give many hours of flying pleasure in calm conditions or a gentle breeze.

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