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The E Zone: The virtual home of electric flight
Pelikan Spider Pelikan Spider
By Steve H.
Although the Spider is marketed as a glow plane, Steve Herlacher shows that is also readily convertible to electric power.

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Kyosho Hyperfly Kyosho Hyperfly
By Pat Mattes
Pat Mattes gives us an in-depth look at Kyosho's little electric helicopter, and the modifications that make it a much better flyer.

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Cosmic Wind Cosmic Wind
By Ken Johnson
Looking for something that delivers a little more punch? Look no further than the Cosmic Wind.

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WattAge F-22 WattAge F-22
By Steve McBride
This electric F-22 delivers some of the hot-dogging, and banking and yanking fun of its full-sized sibling.

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Helipad - November 2001 Helipad - November 2001
By Fitz Walker
This month, Fitz explains the basics of helicopter pinion and motor selections. Be prepared to put on your thinking caps.

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Great Planes Escapade Great Planes Escapade
By Paul Penny
Check out this simple and great flying park flyer from Great Planes.

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Control Tower - November 2001 Control Tower - November 2001
By dave_lilley
In this month’s Control Tower, I talk a little about safety issues that hit home for me recently. There is also an update on the Foamie Forum contest, a list of upcoming articles and reviews, and a preview of the Scorpio Spitfire review.

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The 15th Annual, 2001 DEAF Fly-In The 15th Annual, 2001 DEAF Fly-In
By dave_lilley
Check out all the fun stuff that happened at this year's DEAF fly-in.

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Herr Engineering Scout Herr Engineering Scout
By Jeff Meyers
Rubber band powered free flight model converted to electric RC for loads of small field flying fun.

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The Hirobo Paraplane Sport The Hirobo Paraplane Sport
By allan
Allan shares his experiences and expertise with the semi-scale Hirobo Paraplane.

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