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Aero Craft Pogo Aero Craft Pogo
By Steven Horney
This easy building park flyer really has some zip!

(Added: Sep 30, 2001, Hits: 13782, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
Tilde by Birdworks Tilde by Birdworks
By Greg Covey
The Tidle is very versatile little pusher, tractor, or dual motor EPP foam wing.

(Added: Sep 22, 2001, Hits: 14645, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
SR Cutie SR Cutie
By Paul Bradley
If you followed the Cutie discussion in the forums, now you must read the review. As Paul Bradley discovers in his in-depth analysis, the Cutie delivers on all its promises, in spades.

(Added: Sep 20, 2001, Hits: 22138, Comments: 1, Rating: n/a)
Controlling Interest - September 2001 Controlling Interest - September 2001
By Bernard Cawley
This month, Bernard dives into the topic of sensorless vs. sensor-equipped brushless motor controllers.

(Added: Sep 17, 2001, Hits: 10594, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
Helipad - September 2001 Helipad - September 2001
By Fitz Walker
Fitz Walker, the Helicopter forum moderator, kicks off his new helicopter column. Let's give him our support!

(Added: Sep 14, 2001, Hits: 8606, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
Mini-Zagi by Greg Covey Mini-Zagi by Greg Covey
By Greg Covey
Ever wonder what to do with those mushy old Zagi wings?

(Added: Sep 14, 2001, Hits: 18016, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
Control Tower - September 2001 Control Tower - September 2001
By dave_lilley
This month’s Control Tower introduces some new staff members, some new ideas, and some of the changes that are taking place on E-Zone. Also included are highlights of upcoming articles and reviews, and more information on the Foamie Forum contest.

(Added: Sep 12, 2001, Hits: 6775, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
MARCEE Electric Float Fly MARCEE Electric Float Fly
By mrtim
The Minnesota Area Radio Control Electric Enthusiasts present our first all electric Float Fly on Saturday September 15th, 2001.

(Added: Sep 11, 2001, Hits: 4528, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
robbe Infinity II robbe Infinity II
By Steven Horney
The robbe Infinity II is a high-grade "do it all" charger.

(Added: Sep 06, 2001, Hits: 8844, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)
Great Planes Fundango Great Planes Fundango
By Kevin Petrilla
Simple building, fun flying, Speed 400 aerobat.

(Added: Sep 06, 2001, Hits: 70843, Comments: 5, Rating: n/a)
Control Tower - August 2001 Control Tower - August 2001
By Steven Horney
The end of an era, a new foam airplane contest, reviews of the Jeti Phasor 45/3 motor and the Graupner MC-Ultra Duo Plus II charger, a neat catapult design, a new Hawker Tempest Mk V fighter from Ron Daniels, coverage of the Fort Wayne fly-in, Bob Benjamin's selection for the U.S. scale team, and reader mail.

(Added: Sep 05, 2001, Hits: 27760, Comments: 0, Rating: n/a)