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The Kavan Partenavia The Kavan Partenavia
By Editor
Here's a sharp, scale-looking airplane that's very competent, yet exhibits some of the sweetest flying manners you've seen.

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The Simprop Sunny Boy The Simprop Sunny Boy
By Pat Mattes
Simprop's Sunny Boy proves not only to excel as a larger parkflyer, but also to be a very versatile camera plane, glider tow plane,

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Photo Gallery - July 2001 Photo Gallery - July 2001
By Jim Bourke

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The Radio Carbon Art Electric Airshow 2 Video The Radio Carbon Art Electric Airshow 2 Video
By Editor
A brief taste of this exciting and very professionally done new video on electric flight, taken at the San Diego Mid-Winter electric meet

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Control Tower - July 2001 Control Tower - July 2001
By Editor
A look as converting the Ace Whisper 1400 to full 3-channel control, using the Jeti Phasor 45/3 motor in a glow conversion, a review of the Castle Creations Dragon 55 brushless controller, how to cheaply make a permanent Gunther prop driver, and some details on Tom Hunt's crossing of Long Island Sound with an electric seaplane.

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Competitive Edge - July 2001 Competitive Edge - July 2001
By Dave Campbell
Dave Campbell introduces the first E-Zone column on electric competition, covering the basics of pylon racing, upcoming events, neat stuff from Toledo, and a slick 400 F5B design of his own.

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The BMJR Ugly Sport The BMJR Ugly Sport
By Paul Bradley
Have you mastered the gentle park flyers and now you want something a little more sporty, something that handles the wind, yet is still capable of flying in small spaces? The Ugly Sport may be just the ticket for you!

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