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Build Your Own Charger Build Your Own Charger
By pfg
Here's a great little charger design you can build yourself for charging very small packs at a C/10 rate.

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Electric Ducted Fans - April 2001 Electric Ducted Fans - April 2001
By Chris True
Chris covers three exciting reader's projects, plus he describes his results from flight testing the HW-750 fan unit

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The Garrison Aerodrome Hot Cat The Garrison Aerodrome Hot Cat
By Bill Knoll
Bill wrings out this hot-stepping sister of the Manx, and comes back with a major smile!

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Photo Gallery - April 2001 Photo Gallery - April 2001
By Jim Bourke
View photos of models sent in by our readers

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Control Tower - April 2001 Control Tower - April 2001
By Editor
Some comments on Toledo, new products (Jeti brushless motors, robbe Infinity II charger, MotoCalc V6, Hobbico CS-35 servos, electric plans) , a hot-rod Elfi, and reader's mail

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The Super Sliver SP400 The Super Sliver SP400
By pylonbuster
Joel Maxwell reports on the Sliver, a top Speed 400 racer that doubles as a nice sport plane, plus Joel includes some tips on how to be competitive at pylon racing.

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Forum 400 - April 2001 Forum 400 - April 2001
By Pat Mattes
In this month’s column Pat steps outside his usual realm a bit, covering a bit more of the slow-flyer facet than normal, in addition to a few 400 related findings.

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The EAM Mig 17 The EAM Mig 17
By Chris True
Ducted Fan columnist Chris True covers EAM's Mig-15, including some hop-up tips to make this little jet really scream

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The Aeronut S-3A Viking The Aeronut S-3A Viking
By dave_lilley
The Viking gives Dave a chance to try an EDF in a neat little scale ship that can be flown in a park.

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The Herr Cherokee The Herr Cherokee
By Sam Brauer
How to convert the glow Herr Cherokee into a scale-flying little electric sweatheart

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Battery retention for your electric models Battery retention for your electric models
By Greg Morrison
When the Aventura II was introduced by Hobby Lobby, I thought it looked like an interesting plane. However, when the Twin Aventura came out, I really got interested. I knew from my experience with the Multiplex Twin Star that twin speed 400's packed quite a punch, so the idea of a twin 400 seaplane seemed like a natural.

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The 2001 Nurnberg International Toy Fair The 2001 Nurnberg International Toy Fair
By James Frolik
There are two major international toy fairs only for dealers (and the press), one in New York City and the other in Nürnberg, Germany. If you're interested in the new stuff most manufacturers are pushing our wayin eflight that has yet to hit the market, then check out Nürnberg. Many of these eflight sources don't make it to New York...

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