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Electric Ducted Fans - November 2000 Electric Ducted Fans - November 2000
By Chris True
Chris looks at a fascinating new twin-rotor, twin-motor, contra-rotating ducted fan unit.

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The Hobby Hangar Electric Scout The Hobby Hangar Electric Scout
By Bernard Cawley
Bernard Cawley takes a break from speed controls to scout out this recent offering from Hobby Hangar, a land-based plane with seaplane ancestry.

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Photo Gallery - November 2000 Photo Gallery - November 2000
By Jim Bourke
View photos of models sent in by our readers.

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Control Tower - November 2000 Control Tower - November 2000
By Steven Horney
Comments on the Ugly Airplane Contest, Kyosho's electric Cessna 180, the Garrison Aerodrome HotCat, a new scale electric web site, and another Fort Wayne Indoor Meet.

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Forum 400 - November 2000 Forum 400 - November 2000
By Pat Mattes
Pat is back! After a little hiatus to help with the latest arrival in the Mattes household, Pat Mattes is back with a column full of information for the modeler interested in the smaller side of things.

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The Hacker X-28A Osprey The Hacker X-28A Osprey
By Shaun Cronin
Shaun puts on his Skipper's hat to guide us through a review of this little plane that thinks it's a boat.

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