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The E Zone: The virtual home of electric flight
Control Tower - June 2000 Control Tower - June 2000
By Steven Horney
Batteries, Jets, Fly-Ins, and other assorted items.

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Wayne's Indoor World - June 2000 Wayne's Indoor World - June 2000
By Wayne Hadkins
Wayne offers a world-wide tour of slow-flight activity, plus some great beginner's tips.

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Controlling Interest - June 2000
By Bernard Cawley
Sizing Speed Controls, or When Current Ratings Aren't Current Ratings.

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Photo Gallery - June 2000 Photo Gallery - June 2000
By Jim Bourke
View photos of models sent in by our readers.

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Electric Ducted Fans - June 2000 Electric Ducted Fans - June 2000
By Chris True
Chris True compares zapped and matched cells against regular packs for edf use, and shows off his Mig 15.

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