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Wayne's Indoor World - April 2000 Wayne's Indoor World - April 2000
By Wayne Hadkins
This month, I’ve information on some new SlowFly / ParkFly products from several manufacturers and a response from the manufacturer to last month’s ‘how to’ on replacing a servo lead on one of those Taiwanese 6g servos. There are also details on my latest SlowFlyer and the interesting sequence of events that led to its construction, news from fellow aviators, and a few other surprises.

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The Aveox Embat The Aveox Embat
By Ron Farkas
The EMBAT fills a long-time void in the hobby, for a high performance four``function 10-cell sport-pattern airplane kit.

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The Mouse and IFO The Mouse and IFO
By Neil Stainton
A side by side comparison of two aerobatic indoor flyers: the Mouse and the IFO.

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Photo Gallery - April 2000 Photo Gallery - April 2000
By Jim Bourke
View photos of models sent in by our readers.

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The Hobby Hangar Pondside The Hobby Hangar Pondside
By Dereck Woodward
Dereck Woodward examines the Speed 400 floatplane from Hobby Hangar.

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The Thunder Tiger/Ace Simple 400 The Thunder Tiger/Ace Simple 400
By Slope Nut
I decided I would like to try speed 400 pylon racing, but was nervous about destroying a true composite racer the first time out. I decided, therefore, to cut my teeth on the Ace Simple Series Speed 400 on my road to true pylon racing. So, here we go!

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The Python The Python
By mrittinger
The racing Mustangs provided the inspiration for the Python. They are the tops in the world of air racing, and I thought that they would make an excellent speed 400 sized ship. As it turned out I was correct, as this little ship will give 110%! It flies great, handles smoothly, and can do just about all maneuvers you want it to. I encourage all of you to set aside 3 or 4 nights, and come to the field with this little bird. I promise you it won’t let you down!

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The Hobby Lobby Graupner Comet The Hobby Lobby Graupner Comet
By Shaun Cronin
I have always admired the look and uniqueness of ducted fan RC model planes, but never thought I would have opportunity to build, set-up, and fly one. This, of course, was before I had the opportunity to review the Comet by Graupner...

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Control Tower - April 2000 Control Tower - April 2000
By Steven Horney
Learn how to defeat the "7-cell trap!" (tm).

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Controlling Interest - April 2000 Controlling Interest - April 2000
By Bernard Cawley
Bernard digs into the virtual mailbag to answer reader's questions about electronic speed controls.

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Forum 400 - April 2000 Forum 400 - April 2000
By Pat Mattes
Pat takes a look at the Graupner 400 fan unit and the Vario variable pitch propeller.

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Electric Ducted Fans - April 2000 Electric Ducted Fans - April 2000
By Chris True
This month I have pictures showing progress on the Messerschmidt P-1101, some more pictures of my Robbe Gnat, and a look at the new Aveox EZ-30 brushless ESC.

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