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Converting the LMH-110 Heli to E-Power Converting the LMH-110 Heli to E-Power
By Jim Bourke
Helicopters are fun, but are also quite challenging to fly. Recognizing this, Lite Machines markets an extremely rugged and simple helicopter intended for .061-sized glow engines: the LMH-110. This is a very small heli that is easy to transport, tough as nails, and cheap to repair. Though the LMH-110 is a rather heavy helicopter for its size, I felt that the extra durability would come in handy. I set out to do a conversion of the helicopter for electric power.

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A Little Extra A Little Extra
By Jim Young
The Little Extra is a 30" span sport-scale model of the famous Extra 300L aerobatic show plane. Plans by Jim Young available for downloading.

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The Pica ME-109 The Pica ME-109
By Ward Shelley
The Pica ME-109F is a laser cut, balsa and light ply, sport 1/12 scale electric airplane for "Speed 480" motor systems. The kit builds quickly due to the "laser lock" system and results in an easy and fun airplane to fly.

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Wayne's Indoor World - February 2000 Wayne's Indoor World - February 2000
By Wayne Hadkins
This month, its another ‘how to’ edition. There are details of my electric control line model I mentioned last month (January Wayne's Indoor World), the obligatory updates of achievements from other SlowFlyers from around the globe, ultra light news from France, a few simple "how to’s", as well as information and pictures on how to repair DC5-2.4 motors and make your own lightweight wheels.

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Photo Gallery - February 2000 Photo Gallery - February 2000
By Jim Bourke
View photos of models sent in by our readers.

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Controlling Interest - February 2000 Controlling Interest - February 2000
By Bernard Cawley
This month Bernard looks at the FMA Direct Mini Series SC20 and SC30, the JETI JES 350, and the Castle Creations Griffin 55.

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Control Tower - February 2000 Control Tower - February 2000
By Steven Horney
Steve explains the differences between ferrite, rare-earth, and brushless motors.

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Forum 400 - February 2000 Forum 400 - February 2000
By Pat Mattes
Take your Kyosho T-33 and make a Kyosho T-16.5 following Pat's simple advice. First step: crash a Kyosho T-33.

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Vertical Charge - February 2000
By Jason Merkle
Jason Merkle's debut column covering electric R/C helicopters.

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Aspach 1999 - Part 2 Aspach 1999 - Part 2
By James Frolik
Part two of James Frolik's write-up on the 1999 Aspach fly-in, covering helicopters and Electric ducted fans.

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The K&A Models OV-10A Bronco The K&A Models OV-10A Bronco
By Terry McGill
Terry McGill examines K&A's sport-scale OV-10 kit.

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