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The E Zone: The virtual home of electric flight
Aspach 1999 - Part 1 Aspach 1999 - Part 1
By James Frolik
Part one of James Frolik's write-up on the 1999 Aspach fly-in.

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The Hobby Lobby Loop The Hobby Lobby Loop
By pylonbuster
Hobby Lobby's Speed 400 fun-fly model is examined by Joel Maxwell in this E Zone review.

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Wayne's Indoor World - January 2000 Wayne's Indoor World - January 2000
By Wayne Hadkins
Remember Wayne's predictions from last year? Check up on him and see how he did in this recap. Also, read up on slow-fly controllers and other news from loyal readers of Wayne's Indoor World.

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Photo Gallery - January 2000 Photo Gallery - January 2000
By Jim Bourke
View photos of models sent in by our readers.

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The CSD Twister The CSD Twister
By Editor
13 year old Patrick Horney puts the CSD Twister through its paces.

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Control Tower - January 2000 Control Tower - January 2000
By Steven Horney
Find out what the most important piece of E-power equipment is.

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Kid Zone - January 2000 Kid Zone - January 2000
By Gabe Baltaian
The column geared toward introducing children into the wonderful world of R/C flying. Read about the Young Eagles program in this edition.

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Forum 400 - January 2000 Forum 400 - January 2000
By Pat Mattes
Pat describes his attempts at a Speed 400 powered "Free Wing" aircraft.

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House of Balsa Decathalon House of Balsa Decathalon
By Shaun Cronin
Shaun Cronin provides conversion notes on HOB's stand-off-scale Decathalon.

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Electric Ducted Fans - January 2000 Electric Ducted Fans - January 2000
By Chris True
The Robbe Gnat revisited, and a progress report on the ME P-1101 project.

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Hobbico's Zoom Pilot Hobbico's Zoom Pilot
By Rebekah Horney
A review of the Hobbico Zoom Pilot by Rebekah Horney

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